Booking Rules

  • Members may book a court up to 6 days in advance.
  • When booking 6 days in advance, the courts become available to be booked at 7am.
  • Bookings can not be made within 1 hour prior to start time.
  • Members should not book more than 1 court each per day.
  • Off-Peak members are not permitted to book and to use the squash or tennis courts Monday - Friday from 4.30pm onwards. Such members are also not permitted to use the courts at weekends.
  • Students / Juniors are generally not permitted to book squash or tennis courts Monday - Friday from 4.30pm onwards and are not permitted to book courts at weekends, However if a squash or tennis court at any time is unbooked on any particular day , or the following day, a Student or Junior is permitted to book such a court.
  • Sponsored Members of the club, regardless of age, will have the same rights of booking as full members.
  • Tennis Court 6 is reserved for coaching. Members may use court 6 if there's no coaching, however, the court may not be booked in advance and Tennis Coaches take precedence on court 6. At the current time Court 6 can currently be booked.
  • Maximum 1 squash court booking (45 minutes) per member / playing partner(s) per day.
  • Maximum 2 tennis court bookings (60 minutes) per member / playing partner(s) per day.

Member Accounts & Top-up Vouchers

  • Each member has an account within this booking system.
  • Members must have credit in order to book courts.
  • Members can credit their booking system accounts online when logged into the booking system website. Click the link to "Buy Credit Online" and follow the instructions. Your payment will be processed by PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account to complete the transaction, you can use most any credit or debit card. Your booking system account will be automatically credited as soon as you complete the transaction.

Court Booking Fees

  • Currently free

Late-Cancellations & Refunds

  • When unable to use a court, members should cancel the booking as soon as possible so that the court may be used by other members.
  • When the court is cancelled more than 48 hrs prior to the court start time, the booking fee is automatically refunded.
  • When the court is cancelled within 48 hours of court start time, the booking fee is only refunded if the same court is re-booked by another member.


  • Members must use the touch screen "kiosk" booking system at the club to check-in and confirm court usage.
  • In order to check-in, members must know their PIN numbers, which can be changed when logged-in to this website, and retrieved using the Forgotten Password process on this website.
  • The system will assume the court was not used ("no-show") when the member who booked the court has not checked-in.
  • The system will simultaneously check-in 2 consecutive court bookings.

About this squash & tennis court reservation system

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